Offer Details:

Behind the Scenes Film:

  • My goal is to produce a 10-15min short-film of your work with one of your wedding clients*.
  • My video will include:
    • A voice-over of yourself, explaining your work process and how you approach working with different clients. 
    • A short 30 seconds ad of the ‘behind the scenes’ film, for sharing to your social media (promote your brand/business).
  • Equipment I will use to create your ‘behind the scenes’ film:
    • Canon 90D DSLR (shooting in 4K, 24fps)
    • A Rhode microphone (for high-end audio), and a ‘Lav’ mic attached to your body (for voice-over)
    • A camera stabiliser
    • Not essential, but if fitting I also have a drone for some contextual shots of the location.
  • A digital HD download of the full film + ad video